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After this program, participants will know how to handle database operations and how to create a BI and DWH system. The program is intended for employees who are only becoming part of the BI/DWH team or those who want to expand their knowledge in this area.

Program for IT consultants includes following training courses:


SQL basics

Student acquires basic knowledge of SQL, language for managing data in databases.


ODI 12c

Workshop objective is to introduce students with Microsoft BI tools and Tableau for the Data Visualization. Through a series of exercises and tasks, student will master the basic functionality of these tools and make a series of reports and exercises.


OBIEE 11/12: 1 - Infrastructure and Repository

Workshop covers the entire process of installing the OBIEE environment and the repository, explained the OBIEE reporting system components, and covers the process of OBIEE system boot and shutdown, as well as the basics of troubleshooting. The workshop also includes RPD work, provides insights into the basics of the system's rights and row-security models, and is also covered by the most important calculations in the middle layer (such as AGO, etc.).


Basic rules for creating reports, charts and data visualization

Workshops is focused on report and dashboard design using Oracle OBIEE tools.


Enterprise reporting

Based on industry leading software for data visualization  -  Tableau (other common enterprise solutions like Oracle based OBIEE, MS Reporting Services or Cognos are more IT than business users oriented and are covered in IT education).

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