Training courses included in programme "Training for businesses users" are: 


Basic rules for creating reports, charts and data visualization

Workshop objective is to introduce students with Microsoft BI tools and Tableau for the Data Visualization. Through a series of exercises and tasks, student will master the basic functionality of these tools and make a series of reports and exercises.


Reporting using Power Pivot

Objective of this workshop is to introduce students with the concept of modeling tables in star schemas to optimize reporting needs and principles of POWERPIVOT connectivity with external systems, as well as with import of data into POWERPIVOT by combining a variety of data sources (Excel, databases and so on). Student will be able to write the most important formulas for creating reports and analysis. Also, they will see the typical use of POWERPIVOT for analyzes and reports that are most commonly used in controlling.



At the end of the workshop, students are familiar with the concept of PowerQuery tool, how to capture PowerQuery steps, and how to easily modify taken steps. The main goal of this workshop is to master the PowerQuery tool to help automation of the repetitive tasks.


Advanced Excel course

At the end of the workshop students are introduced to the advanced concepts of MS Excel; they will be able to merge multiple tables, create reports using pivot and find out what they are interested in by analyzing data.


VBA – Visual basic – Programming in Excel

Participants get familiar with the introduction to programming, basic concepts, Excel macros, capturing and editing macros in the VB editor, creating Excel applications, connecting to Excel databases, concept of database reporting within Excel.


Power BI

This workshop elaborates the following topics: the concept of Power BI data preparation, data import, data model design and data analysis and how to select the right visualization technique for message transfer.


Statistics basics for non-mathematicians

The aim of the workshop is to provide non-mathematicians an introduction to statistical analysis of data. Students will get the theoretical background and will use SPSS Statistics, one of the most commonly used tools in statistical analysis, to independently make exercises and examples.



Leading tool for analyzing and visualizing data. There are two workshops that are Tableau oriented, Basic Tableau training and advanced Tableau visualization methods. First covers standard loading data to Tableau, and creating reports and combining them to dashboards and the other is more focused on how to create right visualization and storytelling with data.


MS Power Tools

MS Power Tools are PowerPivot, PowerQuery and PowerB, set of tools for self-service BI. Students are introduced with the tools through a short theoretical part and a series of exercises. Emphasize of the exercise is on understanding how to connect tables in the Power pivot model (which is identical in the Power BI platform) and in understanding transformations for retrieving data from a variety of sources in Power Query. Standalone enterprise reporting tool POWERBI is also introduced as a probable final solution for larger MS oriented companies. 


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