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Data Scientist program was designed to present the most relevant knowledge needed for the role of a data scientist. Data scientist role implies work with large sets of data as well as know-how of the statistical models and how to use them in a business environment and according to business needs. This program requires good knowledge of SQL and at least one programming language for predictive analytics (for example R or Python). Since the analyzed data should be adequately presented, within the program, the student will master the tools for visual presentation and reporting.

The program contains four main modules:


Preparing data for analysis - Introduction to database operation

The module provides basic knowledge about data manipulation in databases. At the end of the module the student will be familiar with the preparation of the data necessary for analysis and concepts of querying databases. The focus of the module is on exercises, on which student through various situations from practice, solves problems using the SQL language.


Statistics Basics for Non-Mathematicians

The objective of the module is to explain the purpose and usability of statistics in economics and other sciences, through a series of examples from everyday business and scientific practice. This module is the basis for understanding the statistical analysis of data and is intended for people who know mathematics and statistics at the basic level. Focus is on exercises with the SPSS Statistics programming tool.


Business statistical analysis using the program "R"

The third module introduces students to the programming language R, currently one of the leading languages for statistics and data science. Predictive and statistical analyzes are presented through a "case study" in which the student can see how prediction methods were applied on certain business process and how the results of the calculation were interpreted at the end. Through number of exercises the student gets familiar with the development environment and the basic types of data necessary for work in the programming language.


Displaying analysis results and data visualization

The module's objective is to train students how to make visual presentation of data and visual exploration of data. Exercises are performed on the Microsoft platform as part of MS Excel, and as such, has a significant base of potential users, and on Tableau, the leading tool in the visualization and a visual exploration of data.

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