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Datashift provides end-to-end BI services that will transform structured and unstructured data into charts, diagrams and dashboards, helping you to understand your business better and benefit from informed decision-making. In more than 18 years of participation in numerous BI/DWH projects in Croatia, the region and world, we acquired comprehensive technological as well as business competences.

BI analysis


In cooperation with you, Datashift performes initial discovery. We analyze your business processes, document business goals and objectives and create an action plan.

Project Management


This project phase spans the entire gamut of services, ranging from data management and reporting to analytics.

BI implementation


Our team of proven BI consultants will combine inventive analytics with leading-edge reporting tools to derive meaningful insights from data in all formats. They will evaluate possible implementation challenges and taking into consideration costs and other factors, select the optimum BI strategy.

Data Scientist program


Datashift has more than 18 years of experience in BI project management, gained through multiple BI projects for various industries: banking industry, retails & wholesale, insurance industry etc.

BI/DWH transformation


We can provide our services in all kinds of BI/DWH transformation: tool decomissioning, moving to open source / free tools, transformations concerning the speed of reports and DWH / BI Cloud migration.

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